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Interesting phrases from around the world

Do you know what a « Wanderlust » is? In German, it means « love of traveling », but in English, it has come to mean a strong, irresistible desire to travel. If you’re feeling a bit wanderlust-y, why not explore some of the other interesting phrases from around the world?

In France, there’s the phrase « joie de vivre », which means « joy of living ». This is a perfect way to describe the French attitude towards life – enjoying every moment to the fullest.

If you’re ever in Italy and someone calls you a « Dolce Vita », they’re not calling you a sweet life, but rather a good life. This phrase is often used to describe the Italian lifestyle, which is all about good food, good wine and good company.

In Spain, there’s the phrase « No hay mal que por bien no venga », which means « There’s no such thing as a bad thing that doesn’t come with a good thing ». This is a great way to look at the glass half full – even the bad things in life can have a silver lining.

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